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Close to campus and downtown, Rachael's Cafe is an alternative gathering spot for the gay community and other open-minded folk. Rachael's has wifi and a variety of food items, including vegan options. You'll find it more gay in the evenings.


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    • Great for a small town.
      A new, two year old? cafe that just recently opened in Bloomington almost across the street from the post office. The first person did a great job reviewing it, so I'll just throw in my two-cents. The decorations are fabulous, there's a ton of original art, it's colorful, and it's unique. Perhaps they have a wait staff during busy hours, but they didn't when I got there at 2:15 on a weekday. Instead, I just walked up to the counter, got the recommendations from Rachel herself (a blond-wigged transvestite, just to warn you), watched her put it together on a plate and sat down with my food. I had a wonderfully crispy, crunch and complex chicken salad accompanied by a great pita and awesome homemade salad dressing. The dressing is somewhere between a hummus and spicy Thai peanut sauce, it's got a kick, and it's delicious. It seems like they have two or three specials every day--whatever they feel like making that morning or the night before. They also offer create-your-own sandwiches, muffins, brownies, scones, and other coffeeshop-esque food items. All in all, it's a very nice place to sit and relax, very friendly, moderately priced, and very yummy. I shall return. CONS? Well, fair and balanced review: First: They need more outlets and/or extension cords available for laptops. I mean, great free WiFi, but what's the point if students and other patrons have to run on battery power until their batteries die? The times I can't get an outlet, I know I don't stay quite as long (and subsequently don't buy more coffee/food/beer) as I would otherwise.

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      davidgower Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I love racheal!
      Thanks for all you do. Can we ask u place a gay pride flah out sometimes?